Arrivals & Departures
FlightAirlineDeparted FromScheduledStatus
3419Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL11:52 AMArrived at 11:54 AM
720Denver International Airport, CO12:36 PMArrived at 12:18 PM
4782Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN12:31 PMArrived at 12:30 PM
4382Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL10:46 AMNow 1:24 PM
3368Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN2:05 PMNow 1:56 PM
5318Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL2:20 PMNow 1:59 PM
3756Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX2:50 PMNow 2:36 PM
4748Denver International Airport, CO4:50 PM4:50 PM
5919Phoenix, AZ - Sky Harbor Int'l5:04 PM5:04 PM
3734Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN5:24 PM5:24 PM
5784Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL5:41 PM5:41 PM
122Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway, AZ6:55 PM6:55 PM
5378Denver International Airport, CO8:15 PM8:15 PM
456Las Vegas, NV8:19 PM8:19 PM
1120Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN8:49 PM8:49 PM
3271Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX9:05 PM9:05 PM
4305Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL9:14 PM9:14 PM
1245Atlanta, Hartsfield Atlanta Int'l Airport9:30 PM9:30 PM
3430Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL9:57 PM9:57 PM
1445Denver International Airport, CO10:53 PM10:53 PM
2882Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN11:08 PM11:08 PM
FlightAirlineDeparting ToScheduledStatus
3419Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL12:30 PMDeparted at 12:28 PM
4782Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN1:10 PM1:10 PM
1216Denver International Airport, CO1:23 PM1:23 PM
4400Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL11:20 AMNow 1:41 PM
3368Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN2:30 PM2:30 PM
5557Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL2:50 PM2:50 PM
3335Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX3:20 PM3:20 PM
4754Denver International Airport, CO5:20 PM5:20 PM
3734Minneapolis - St. Paul Int'l Airport, MN5:49 PM5:49 PM
5919Phoenix, AZ - Sky Harbor Int'l5:59 PM5:59 PM
5882Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, IL6:11 PM6:11 PM
123Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway, AZ7:35 PM7:35 PM
457Las Vegas, NV8:59 PM8:59 PM
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