Travel Cost Calculator

  • Don't worry, I'll drive on the way back! Sure. We've all heard that one before.
  • Travel is supposed to be easy, and fun! Next time, FLY FSD, the easiest, most cost-effective mode of transportation to any desired destination.
  • Recent enhancements to our terminal building, parking lot, and passenger pick-up area are just more great reasons to fly FSD.

Rethink the true travel cost through other "larger" airports before making the drive.

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How Much is Your Time Worth Per Hour?

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  Sioux Falls (FSD) Omaha (OMA) Minneapolis (MSP)
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* Based on 2019 IRS Business Mileage Rate of $0.58 per mile, round-trip.
** Based on time for round-trip.
*** Based on FSD economy parking, MSP value parking, and OMA economy parking - daily rates.