Airport Authority

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport Authority is an independent governing body that has overall administrative, development and operational responsibility for the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport Authority was created on May 12, 1986, replacing the Sioux Falls Airport Board, which reported to the City Council.

Authority Board

The present Authority Board is made up of five members and are appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council for five year terms. The Authority is an independent government entity that is separate from the city. The Authority is self-funded and does not rely on tax dollars from the community.

kent-cutler-headshot (002)

Kent Cutler


Dr. Blake Curd

John Taylor Photo

John Taylor


Eric Ellefson


Dan Statema


Day-to-day operations and administration for the airport are carried out by the Executive Director and Deputy Director who are selected by the Authority Commissioners.


Dan Letellier
Executive Director


Richard King
Deputy Director

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