The Sioux Falls Regional Airport has for many years been a partner of the arts, showcasing dozens of the area's most notable artists on the walls of its concourse and terminal. While much of its existing collection of original artwork was acquired in the early 1990's, travelers now and into the future will become better acquainted with the talented artists of or region on an ongoing basis.

In the early summer of 2012, the FSD board approved a phased approach to updating the artwork collection and other aspects of the visual environment, including: a new acquisition to the permanent collection, refurbishment of the existing collection, a community art gallery featuring rotating exhibits, a historical installation and a display with additional context about aviation hero Joe Foss.

These changes will provide visitors a peek into the culture and vibrant energy of our community and will ensure that the environment will be regularly refreshed and updated.

The regional arts community and the Sioux Falls Regional Airport are pleased to share with you in celebrating the accomplishments of talented members of our greater community.
Current CHS Exhibit Information

Using acrylic paint and shapes of "things that fly," a group of children currently living at Sioux Falls Children's Home created the art exhibit: Taking Flight.

Sherri Treeby, who is a bronze sculptor from the Aberdeen area and recently retired from
teaching, guided the students through the concept and instruction. Treeby schooled the children in the techniques of working with mixed media, analogous colors, and repetition to create
cohesive art pieces. Materials, installation, and project support were provided by Media One in Sioux Falls.

Children's Home Society (CHS) serves families, individuals, and children of all ages, from all across South Dakota. Many are victims of domestic violence, abuse, neglect, or traumatic life events. CHS also helps children with emotional needs that are beyond the control of loving parents.

CHS programs include emergency shelter, residential treatment & education, foster care and
adoption services, forensic interviews, and prevention & education resources.

Through all of its programs, CHS is ready to come alongside children and families to help them rise above their life circumstance and "take flight"—to learn what their lives can be.
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Permanent Art Installs Information
Dakota Flight Path by Milt Heinrich
Heinrich created the 60-foot-long wall relief as a celebration of flight and the expansive South Dakota landscape. With the recognition that the TSA line can be a stressful place, he hopes his art will put a smile on travelers’ faces as the metal airplanes point them toward their destination.

Flights of Fancy by Scott Parsons
Parsons designed and created Flights of Fancy in collaboration with renowned mosaic fabricator, Mosaika, of Montreal, Canada. "My thought was to reflect upon what an airport does within this artwork, what people might be thinking about, and suggest some relationships so these mosaics can help make this a memorable journey," states Parsons.

Between Clouds by Michael Sweere
"Between Clouds, is inspired by the view from a window seat. Rising through clouds, the view of the earth looks majestic and organized - like an infinite jigsaw puzzle," says Sweere. is constructed from recycled and salvaged objects that are patchworked together to create a unified work of art.
Dried Sunset by TJ Moberg
Viewed from afar, Moberg’s work pays homage to the power of the uninterrupted and boldly colored skyline at sunset, a distinctive feature of our Midwestern vistas. When approached, the work reveals itself as a collage of dried paint molded around contemporary objects, highlighting the importance of finding beauty within things that may be fleeting.
Dakota Sunrise Fantasy by David Rose
Rose applied software processes to a photograph of a glorious sunrise to reveal aspects of that photo not found in the original. By modifying the colors and shapes in the photo, Rose intends for the resulting image be reconstructed by viewers and appreciated it in a new way.
The Heartbeat of the Buffalo by Eyob Mergia
Mergia says this piece is “inspired by the migration of the buffalo that travel parallel with seasonal changes, moving toward greener pastures. Through this painting, I wish to express that we are all part of migrant communities that are constantly traveling in search of positive life experiences.”
The Sound of Wings by Mary Groth
This series of panels function as a narrative, beginning and ending with an expression of the power of childhood imaginations. The middle panels depict representations of the physics of flight, contemporary flight paths and seasonal migratory flight patterns, as well as heroes who break barriers and forge paths.
We-Wicasa by Jane Lauren
Lauren is a contemporary artist whose paintings take a playful and explorative approach to color and texture. The resulting works are impressionistic and lyrical. This painting highlights the natural beauty of South Dakota's newest state park and an important historical and cultural site, Good Earth State Park.

Silent City: Gentian and Mounds of Blood Run by Ceca Cooper
Blood Run was once a great mound city, important trade site, and served as a settlement for thousands of Native Americans. It is considered one of the oldest sites of longterm human habitation in the United States. Cooper says, "As an artist, I am especially intrigued by the diversity and beauty of this area, Blood Run, in particular.”

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